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Increase Your Property’s Aesthetic Value With A Metallic Epoxy Floor

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Floors can make your space aesthetically pleasing With Fargo Metallic Epoxy Floor.

The flooring sets the tone of your home.

If you are tired of dull spaces, badly wanted a home makeover, or need to upgrade your commercial space but don’t know where to start, begin with the foundation. Flooring creates a significant impact on your interior design. It can make or break your space because flooring is the foundation of your design and can ultimately affect your overall aesthetic success.

Metallic epoxy floor is an excellent way to achieve stunning visual effects on the floor. In addition to its attractive appearance, it conceals flaws and imperfections in a room by capturing the viewer’s attention right away. It’s also a good choice for waiting areas because it makes guests feel at ease and welcome. Because metallic epoxy floor surfaces are extremely easy to clean and maintain, you will be able to keep the area in pristine condition with minimal effort.

Why Choose a Fargo Metallic Epoxy Floor?

Due to its durable and long-lasting characteristics, epoxy flooring is a popular choice. It also provides various decorative options. Metallic epoxy floor, for example, adds a gorgeous and dimensional look to your floors. It has an exquisite appearance, and unlike solid color, its pigment or chips are unique.

A multi-layered epoxy coating system uses a metallic additive mixed into a clear epoxy coating to create exotic effects. When epoxy cures, its metallic powder moves through it, creating a lava flow or sparkly design.

A metallic epoxy floor is not only stunning but is also highly durable due to the high-performance epoxy or polyurethane resin and a very high solids count. Metallic epoxy floor systems are resistant to oil, chemicals, acids, water, and wear like the other high-performance epoxy flooring.

Tips to Maintain Your Fargo Metallic Epoxy Floor

No other flooring provides the same level of durability and strength at a comparable price. Epoxy floor coating systems are simple to maintain, requiring only routine cleaning and the application of a sealant or coating on occasion for added protection.

While it is evident that epoxy flooring can provide excellent functionality, it is also important to note that it can be both beautiful and sophisticated. Decorative epoxy floors with metallic finishes or color flakes are eye-catching and one-of-a-kind.

Tiles are prone to chipping and cracking, providing a breeding ground for bacteria.

One of the most important things you can do to care for your metallic epoxy floor is to use the proper cleaner on it, especially since you will most likely be mopping it frequently. Soap-based cleaners should be avoided because they accumulate on the floor over time, leaving a white film that makes the floor appear dingy. Abrasive cleaners, such as lemon-based cleaners, should also be avoided as they dull the shine over time. To keep your floors clean and looking great, stick to natural cleaners like Simple Green.

Spot Cleaning.

Spot cleaning is an excellent tool for maintaining your metallic epoxy floor. It does not need to be cleaned entirely every day, but if a spill occurs or there is a high traffic area, you can spot clean that area. This is essential if there has been a spill of gasoline or oil because these chemicals can eat away at the epoxy finish if left for too long. To avoid this problem, grab some rags or paper towels, and wipe and clean the area as soon as you notice the spill.

Keep dirt off the floor.

While a metallic epoxy floor is designed to be durable, years of grinding grit into the floor will wear it down. Sweep or vacuum at least every couple of days, or more frequently if you live in an area where dirt is tracked in. Keeping dirt and grit off the floor will help keep it looking nice.

About Fargo Metallic Epoxy Floor ​

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not suggest metallic epoxy floor installation as a do-it-yourself project. While you can find detailed how-to guides online and buy DIY metallic epoxy kits from stores, nothing can match the benefits of hiring professional contractors. When you opt to work with an expert team like us at Epoxy Flooring Fargo, ND, you can guarantee better results, prevent costly errors, and ensure that your metallic epoxy floor will reach its maximum lifespan.

While metallic epoxy floor systems can breathe life into your dull concrete floors and protect them against daily wear and tear, we do not recommend using them on outdoor flooring. The metallic epoxy may lose its unique color and shine over time when constantly exposed to sunlight.

With our metallic epoxy floor, the design possibilities are endless. We have metallic silver, metallic white, metallic bronze, metallic antique gold, and other stunning single or multi-colored pigments. You can select whatever color you want for your floor. You can even achieve looks similar to colored glass, natural stone, and wood flooring by adding certain paints and flakes. Our metallic epoxy floor systems are unique – no two floors will be the same.

Although metallic epoxy floor finishes are more famous for their aesthetic appeal, they are still the same durable epoxy surface we all know and love. They can resist high daily wear and tear levels and provide utmost protection against stains, cracks, scratches, and abrasions. Whether residential or commercial applications, a metallic epoxy floor coating can stand up to heavy foot and machinery traffic.

The cost of your metallic epoxy floor will be determined by the epoxy color and type, design options, project size, and any necessary repairs.

Professional Metallic Epoxy Floor Installers in Fargo, ND

Epoxy flooring can provide both form and function. Epoxy Flooring Fargo, ND, has the expertise and skills to produce a magnificent metallic epoxy floor creation that will meet your expectations, whether the purpose is decorative or practical. You can contact us by phone or email to learn more about our metallic epoxy floor services.

If you want a free quote, you may also give us a call, and we’ll use our epoxy flooring cost calculator to estimate the price range of your project.

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